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piss tags for piss net

November 13, 2021 — owen

ive made a piss tag module for unreal! if you are on a pissnet server with it loaded, currently only pissnet.cheapiesystems.com, then you can use +draft/pissing (and some other stuff too) client tags!


pissgrade is a modified version of downgrade that supports these fancy new pissnet tags, so everyone can see when you are pissing!

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stop using spamhaus on irc

July 02, 2021 — owen

they block like half the residential ip ranges

ITS. FOR. EMAIL. SPAM. you wont catch any irc spammers.

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angry andrew deletes leenode

June 14, 2021 — owen

lol he switched the network software to inspircd+anope (yuck[1]) and did not even attempt to convert the services db, deleting everyone's nicks and channels, presumably so he can link freenode to irc.com/snoonet (his other failure of an irc network)

repeating what i said in my previous post, but honesty at this point it seems like he has a secret agenda to make everyone go to libera.chat

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leenode is falling down

May 26, 2021 — owen

leenode wouldve run pretty much fine after the takeover, but andrew decided it would be a good idea to take over all channels that mention another network in the topic

when asked about it, he makes vague responses about how freenode needs decentralization

i have no clue how he managed to fuck it up this bad, like wtf andrew, you had one job, this wouldve worked out perfectly fine and you would still have one of the biggest irc networks, but no, you had to attempt vender lock-in. now everyone, including people who considered staying, hates you.

what was that you said about decentralization?

crazy conspiracy theory, but maybe andrew wants people to leave..... then irc will be more decentralized with people on smaller nets... is this andrew lee's master plan all along?

thats the only explaination for this absolutely idiotic behavior i can think of, but maybe i am overestimating His Highness

oh did i mention that he's randomly klining the old staff for no reason? lol

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honk honk honk

March 22, 2021 — owen

honk honk honk honk

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ah nope, you should not use anope

February 11, 2021 — owen

heres a few reasons why i do not like it.

and sure, most of these issues can be mitigated by knowlegeable opers that know how to configure it and the ircd in a sane way, eg someone who has ever touched a well-configured irc network before, but since anope markets itself as the "easy to setup" option, this almost never happens.

no set accountname

i really dont understand the logic of this one... its not hard to make another account so its not like this is stopping abuse. it only prevents legitimate users from changing their name who want to keep their age/settings/permissions/vhosts/etc, which an abuser would not care about.

edit: apperently you can but its called display. why the fuck it's called that? i have no clue

your accountname can expire

apperently the nick that equals your accountname can expire while using a grouped nick, and if it does, your accountname is randomly(?) set to one of your other nicks... what

so i guess you can change your accountname by letting your accountname nick expire and hope it randomly chooses the right one

bad splitride protection

yeah, the ircd is supposed to protect this from happening, but still


this is a badly named feature that is seldom nessesary. all it does is constantly sync op modes to take away control from the ircd.

the only usecase i can think of would be if you were on erisnet and had a rogue server, but in that case you should be using a different fucking network.

whats even worse is that since "secure" is in the name, channel owners decide to turn it on without knowing what it does, which makes life hell for the other channel ops.

you cant ghost people

it used to be a command in anope, but they decided to remove it.

sure its a bit mean, but its nice to be able to kill people maliciously using your nicks

inconsistant accountname treatment

large chunks of anope seem to (wrongly) assume that your accountname is your nick. for example CS UNBAN will only remove account extbans if your account is your nick, and it lets you CS AKICK an op while the protect setting is on if you input their accountname when they are using a different nick

it just randomly does stupid shit

like if you connect anope to a network it sometimes just changes the topic of literally every channel for no reason. why? i have no clue

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pacman cheatsheet to keep your storage tidy

January 06, 2021 — owen

autoremove nolonger needed dependencies

pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qttqd)

show the largest non-dependencies

pacman -Qtti | grep 'Name\|Installed Size' | tr "\n" " " | tr "N" "\n" | awk '{print $3 " " $7 $8}' | sort -k2 -h

remove stale cache (will not remove latest cache)

pacman -Sc

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whee i got a thonkpad!

December 25, 2020 — owen

a refurbished thinkpad t420 becuase fuck capitalism :3

its quite nice, the keyboard is lovely, although i keep nudging the trackpoint when typing. i suppose i could get used to that

there appears to be something under the 3 key, and it feels a bit stiffer than the other ones so i will probably clean it later

overall a much-needed upgrade over my previous laptop (a old chromebook i got for free) lol

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