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very educational

honk honk honk

March 22, 2021 — owen

honk honk honk honk

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ah nope, you should not use anope

February 11, 2021 — owen

heres a few reasons why i do not like it.

and sure, most of these issues can be mitigated by knowlegeable opers that know how to configure it and the ircd in a sane way, eg someone who has ever touched a well-configured irc network before, but since anope markets itself as the "easy to setup" option, this almost never happens.

bad splitride protection

yeah yeah, i know the ircd is supposed to protect this from happening, but still

hmm fun entering the tilde.chat opers channel without permission
being (rightfully) kicked out lol


this is a badly named feature that is seldom nessesary. all it does is constantly sync op modes to take away control from the ircd.

the only usecase i can think of would be if you were on erisnet and had a rogue server, but in that case you should be using a different fucking network.

whats even worse is that since "secure" is in the name, channel owners decide to turn it on without knowing what it does, which makes life hell for the other channel ops.

you cant ghost people

seriously, why tf cant you? it used to be a command in anope, but they decided to remove it.

i would very much like to be able to tell trying to people impersonating me to "fuck off" thank you very much.

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pacman cheatsheet to keep your storage tidy

January 06, 2021 — owen

autoremove nolonger needed dependencies

pacman -Rns $(pacman -Qttqd)

show the largest non-dependencies

pacman -Qtti | grep 'Name\|Installed Size' | tr "\n" " " | tr "N" "\n" | awk '{print $3 " " $7 $8}' | sort -k2 -h

remove stale cache (will not remove latest cache)

pacman -Sc

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whee i got a thonkpad!

December 25, 2020 — owen

a refurbished thinkpad t420 becuase fuck capitalism :3

its quite nice, the keyboard is lovely, although i keep nudging the trackpoint when typing. i suppose i could get used to that

there appears to be something under the 3 key, and it feels a bit stiffer than the other ones so i will probably clean it later

overall a much-needed upgrade over my previous laptop (a old chromebook i got for free) lol

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wtf hsts

December 24, 2020 — owen

what if i want someone to hack my bank account! *shakes fist at mozilla* let me bypass hsts!

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December 24, 2020 — owen

it seems joaquinito-cow did not last very long, oh well

also interestingly, its the first time ive had to ban him from my irc channel lol


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December 24, 2020 — owen

almost 100 sandcats

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wireguard is cool

December 07, 2020 — owen

its a little confusing at first but its quite intuitive once you wrap your head around it.

i would join tildenet, but it seems our addressing scheme is incompatable lol

i setup a wireguard network today, the exit node is at my house lol, so no 'hiding my location from hackers' or whatever vpn companies' stupid advertising says. i mostly set it up so i can play around with routing and put remote stuff into my lan

i plan on setting up a network with multiple hops, so i can do routing stuff with CIDR's, but thats a long way off

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